Monday, May 3, 2010

The Name Audible

A few months ago I posted about what our son's name would be, and guess what. HE'S HERE, and guess what else. That name was wrong.

I had talked to my cousin, Jack Logan's widow, about the possibility of using the name, and we initially went with it because of the reasons mentioned previously. The longer it was floating out there, the more it only seemed right in my head. Here's what I said before:

"Now for the middle name, it is somewhat of a tradition in Brandi's family for the first son's middle name to be the father's first name. . . we thought about using Stanton, and if we knew we would never have another boy we might have been more inclined to stick with it. While having my son named after me would be nice, my name is far less important than a name with a great legacy behind it."

I started to realize that using Stanton would not just be following a family tradition or simply naming him after me. While continuing the same Old Testament study as before, I have been leaning about the importance God puts on family legacies and the necessity of passing blessings to children. (Abraham, Issac and Jacob are always mentioned together as The Patriarchs, the tribes of Israel have had and will have again very specific roles, and David and Solomon did some amazing things as kings, but raised horrible horrible children.) Having Stanton as part of Jabob's name links him with our Christian family legacies and how that has blessed both our lives before either of us were born. The issues behind this conundrum are more complex than I want to get into now, but here's the bottom line.

When I saw Jacob for the first time, my spirit said, 'That's Jacob Stanton". I thought, "Is he Jacob Logan? Umm. Is he Jacob Stanton? Yeah."